Skoober is the solution
for your child's transportation needs.

<b>Bully-Free </b> Zone

Bully-Free Zone

All Skoober vehicles are bully free zones with zero tolerance policies.

<b>Live Tracking</b> and Cameras

Live Tracking and Cameras

With our Skoober App we provide you with turn by turn tracking as well as camera access to your assigned vehicle.

<b>Safety</b> First

Safety First

We provide the safest measures of transportation for your child.

<b>Professional</b> Drivers

Professional Drivers

All drivers are pre-screened and must maintain a ticket-free driving history/record prior to and during their employment with Skoober.

Be confident about your
child's trip to and from school.

With Skoober you can rest assured, knowing we treat your child as if they were our own providing them with the safest measures in transportation.

How are your drivers selected?
What areas do you service?
How much does a ride cost?

Start with our FAQs to find answers to these questions and more.

3 steps to getting started with Skoober:

Step 1
Explore the website

The best way to get started is to take a look at our site, review the FAQs, and see if Skoober is a good fit for your family.

Step 2
Pick a plan

We have a variety of plans that are catered to give your family a great experience. Pick a pricing plan that works best with your needs.

Step 3
Register your child

Complete your profile and find your next step to get your child riding with Skoober!