About Skoober

WE ARE Skoober.

Skoober was created out of love by four parents with the desire to help cure the problems that sometimes happen when riding the bus. Things ranging anywhere from bullying to accidents due to unfit drivers. Even still, many families are in need of transportation for their child and don’t have any other options.
That’s where Skoober comes in!

Skoober offers a door to door solution that provides parents with peace of mind and convenience when scheduling transportation for your kids; OUR PRECIOUS CARGO. We eliminate the stress of not being able to meet your child’s transportation needs while leaving no doubts or fears when it comes to safety.

The safety of Skoober.

Each vehicle is equipped with live tracking, camera access, navigation, direct contact with dispatch, seatbelts, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Skoober, where safety is the “only” option; is your trustworthy source for your child’s transportation needs. All Skoober vehicles are insured commercially for $1.5 million per incident, as required by the North Carolina Insurance Commission.

With Skoober you can rest in knowing we treat your child as our own providing them with the safest measures in transportation. Skoober drivers are put through a series of required screenings before being carefully selected as a part of the team. Each driver must complete and pass the following:

  • Criminal History Check
  • Child Abuse State Registry Check
  • Driving Record Check
  • Driving Training
  • Drug Screening
  • FBI Screening
  • We constantly check the DMV records of all drivers along with random drug screenings during and throughout the duration of their employment with Skoober.

Why parents choose Skoober.

Rest assured, knowing we treat your child as our own providing them with the safest measures in transportation.

1. All Skoober vehicles are bully free zones with zero tolerance policies.
2. We allow you access to tracking and cameras on the luxury transportation vehicles your child rides on.
3. All drivers are screened by the FBI and must maintain a ticket free driving history/record.
4. To avoid your child being unsupervised while waiting at the bus stop.
5. To avoid early morning pick-ups and late afternoon drop-offs.
6. Convenience to you due to schedule conflicts, sickness, automobile problems, or school bus zone issues with your child’s school