Skoober Parent Connect

At Skoober, we are all about safety and relationships. Between the demands of your schedule and your child’s we know transportation can be a huge challenge for parents. We’re constantly researching ways to make parents lives easier, but also know that no one understands the needs of other parents better than a parent. Therefore, we created the Skoober Parent Connect for parents to get in the driver’s seat. Skoober is looking for SPO’s “Skoober Parent Organizer’s” to bring our service to your child’s school.

Listed below are our requirements to begin a relationship with us at Skoober, Precious Cargo.


1) Requires designated SPO.

2) Must have 8 children commit to our full-time service.

3) Each parent/guardian must notify their child’s school after registering.

4) Each parent/guardian must sign Skoober’s five month commitment of services.

SPO Benefits

1)Designated SPO will receive a week free and we will waive their registration fee
2)Every child that signs up under a SPO will receive 20% off their first week.

Lastly, we offer Skoober bucks through our referral program. For each child the sign the Skoober commitment you earn $25 in Skoober bucks. Redeemable for the referring party. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Skoober Parent Connect Program.